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Hailing from Grenoble, France, Bruno Aïello-Destombes has been embedded in Montreal’s thriving cultural sector for over a decade, documenting its people and events with his dynamic, low-light images. With a deep interest in the underground creative scene, Bruno’s portraits showcase the individuals that make up its vibrant tapestry, while his branded content for international powerhouse creators and agencies like Red Bull, Moment Factory, Taxi, LG2 and many others have established him as a sought-after collaborator.


Former industrial designer, Brunos’s photography is informed by an eye for composition, form and unconventional beauty. Over the years, his practice has been dedicated to honing the skill of technical problem-solving in the context of creative and ambitious multimedia projects. He has meanwhile developed a commercial dimension to his body of work, allowing him to extend beyond the arts to apply his eye to projects with clients such as Biotherm, Asahi, Volkswagen, W Hotel and Fido -- among many others. 


On a personal level, Bruno has prioritized travel as a means to connect with people and explore stories across geography and culture. On trips to Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Morocco and the United States, he has spent time pursuing both professional and personal projects. But regardless of environment, his pursuit of storytelling is guided first and foremost by his nuanced understanding and respect for his subjects.


Photo by Stacy Lee

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